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How do you design and implement a new standard of digital experience in the bank?


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Flagship branch

Designing a digital in-store system in the flagship branch of Pekao S.A. The branch aims to modernise Pekao S.A. image, hence the need for a mix of digital communication system solutions, sound system and aromamarketing. The format had to allow the standard to be extended to regularly upgraded bank branches throughout the country.


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Media with different purposes

We created three media zones dedicated to the main Pekao Bank outlet in the CeDeT building. We designed the enclosures and selected the optimal screen solutions. We developed a contextualised content plan and created dedicated content. We implemented an integrated automatic content management system on all media. By combining different digital formats, the system displays the bank’s offer and marketing proposition, providing an attractive tool to build experience and support sales. We connected the consultants' workstations in the business rooms to a dedicated screen, which allows a more appealing presentation of the offer to the customer.

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