Digital Signage+

Digital Signage+

Increase your sales through dynamic customer communication at purchase decision points.

Deliver your content and communication through multimedia displays operating in
a reliable network.

Solutions tailored to your organisation

New business? Long-standing company? We can help you at every stage of your development!

  • We don't have Digital Signage+ yet
  • We have Digital Signage+ and we want to optimise its performance
  • Impress your customers

    Impress your customers

    Switch from paper to digital communication. Stimulate your customers’ attention and give them current and up-to-date information. Build new experiences.

    • Manage digital in-store communication quickly, conveniently and centrally
    • Control your equipment anywhere and anytime
  • Target your communication

    Target your communication

    Personalise and tailor product information to the current point-of-sale situation and your business objectives. Increase the effectiveness of your in-store communication and sales conversion with Digital Signage+ solutions.

    • Automated creation and content administration
    • Integrations with external data sources and contexts

We support you at every stage of the project

  • icon Diagnosis

    We clarify user expectations and preferences. We develop the solution plan, determine the budget and how the teams will work.
  • icon Design

    We create solutions together - in workshops with you and in our internal teams.
  • icon Implementation

    We combine and integrate the newly developed solutions into target communication, technology and hardware.
  • icon Maintenance

    We provide content administration, design communication materials and provide maintenance support (hosting and SLA).
  • icon Optimisation

    We test and analyse the effectiveness of the developed solution. We improve and develop its potential.

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